A computer that is loaded up with top-of-the-line software programs is of no use unless the person operating that computer knows how to make use of it.

Computer programs are of two varieties: "Off-the-shelf" software (such as Microsoft Office)  that can be purchased from a store or vendor, or Custom-designed software that is "pieced-together" using computer languages and special software. With both types of programs, one must use the programs correctly in order to do what they were designed for.

A priority of SitemasterOnline is to provide easy-to-use instructions and "hands-on" training for any programs or custom-designs developed for clients.

Whether a program is customized using "off-the-shelf" software (such as MS Access), or is custom-designed (such as a web-based program),  hands-on training and follow-up are normally provided as part of the program-development process.

Our background experience in teaching computer courses to adults at Murray State University helps to assure that  clients "learn their stuff" quickly and effectively.


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